First Steps Intervention

Developmental Learning Disabilities

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Helping children with Developmental and Learning Needs to achieve their potential

First Steps Intervention promotes the holistic development of children thereby helping them to reach their potentials. First Steps Intervention does this by carrying out evaluation to establish the needs of a child (or an adult depending on the case) then develop appropriate developmental, educational, social and therapeutic programme to address the needs. We support parents, teachers, caregivers and therapists who work with children directly. We extend our services to teenagers and you adults who experience educational, social and developmental challenges in their lives..

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Developmental Evaluation 

This is an observational evaluation done to establish developmental needs of children. Most children who exhibit hyperactivity, short attention span, speech and language difficulties, physical and movement challenges and sensory processing difficulty may benefit from this evaluation.

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Educational Evaluation

This is done to find out the challenges a learner is experiencing and recommend appropriate intervention that meets the learning style of the individual. Educational evaluation entails assessing the processing ability, learning styles, comprehension, spelling, numeracy skills, reasoning ability,

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Vocational Evaluation

Vocational evaluation helps to establish the strengths of a young adult in regards to prevocational and vocational skills. It involves assessing social and living skills, cognitive abilities, motor coordination and pairing the results with the individual's vocational interests.

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Early Intervention 

This begins with an evaluation of the child's developmental needs followed by developing early intervention programme and training the parents, caregivers and other staff working with the child on the right interventions. Early intervention targets children who are at-risk and those

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