First Steps Intervention

Developmental Learning Disabilities

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About Us

First steps intervention (FSI)

Helping Individuals with Developmental and Learning Needs to reach their Potential  

 We offer Centre and home intervention services to children with developmental and learning needs and their families using researched successful intervention strategies through a multidisciplinary team of professionals. 

We do developmental, educational and dietary analysis according to the individual needs and develop individualized programmes to address those unique needs which may include learning, developmental, behavioural or dietary needs. 

1. We work closely with other professionals, schools, organisations and centres to deliver quality services, make referrals and support children and their families.

2. We also do continuous professional development through seminars, workshops and tailor-made training for teachers, therapists, parents and caregivers.


Basic Goals

  • Helping children to learn how to learn
  • Working towards reducing academic attainment gaps
  • Bridging developmental gaps, 
  • Helping children to reach their potential
  • Moving towards inclusive societies 

Our Contacts

Address: Karen: Mukinduri Road, off Forest Edge Road

Phone: +254722645342 / +254736181162 


Business Hours: 7:30 am to 6:30pm weekdays 

Saturday 8:00 am to 4pm, Sunday closed